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Welcome God Seeker!

Ameerah Lewis, Founder of Reaching for The Hem MinistriesWelcome! Reaching for The Hem University is your place to find Online Bible Study Courses that will usher you into the very presence of God. It is uniquely designed for Hungry Believers who know that God is calling them to a deeper more intimate relationship with Him.

What does it mean to "Reach for the Hem?"
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2013 Seeker’s Challenge!

Start This Year Off Reaching Out to God!
Seeker's Challenge
2013- Claim Your Year of Revelation. Claim Your Year of Restoration.

NOW is the time for us to break through the spiritual barriers, and receive the blessings that He died to give us.

How? By seeking God through Prayer and Fasting.

The Purpose of Our Online Fasting Support Group: For you to be inspired and encouraged as you seek God throughout your fast.

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What Other Hungry Christians Are Saying…

“Ameerah, I must tell you that I’ve already done three bible studies at your site and it has had a tremendous impact on my relationship with God. May He bless you greatly – more than you’ve ever hoped for!” -Hope

I am still basking and soaking in the knowledge I received! It was as though something AWAKENED in me for the first time. I thank you for allowing God to use you to teach people like me. This needs to be listened to over and over again. God Bless You!" - Sarah

“God bless you Ameerah .. I just want to say I thank God for you. Your ministry has blessed me in many ways in getting my relationship with God to many different levels. Thank you for being obedient to the Spirit and May the Lord bless u and your family!” – Evie

"Thank you Ameerah, as usual you relayed God's message in a way that spoke directly to my heart." - Michelle

“It was just so refreshing to hear the information presented with no fluff or fillers. Just sound biblical teachings…May God continue to bless you and I pray that your pure, biblical teachings reach the masses because I know that restoration and wholeness is being ushered into peoples lives through your teachings. I know that my “life” will never be the same. May God continue to bless you my sister! ” – Nan

" W-O-W! I am being refreshed through your teachings Ameerah. I love the way you break the word down so anybody can really understand it. I am just so filled up, and that is what I am praying. For God to fill all the places in me with Himself so that all I do and say will truly Honor Him." - Pat

"I felt a sense of freedom. It was as though someone let the air out of my muscles, and I am now relaxed for the first time in days. Once again, you hit the nail on the head for me." - Denise